Non-Guildy (Pug) Rules for Loot

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  • TL;DR: Generally, Pugs may only win BOP items that correspond to their main spec.

    • You can win off spec items, but at a lower priority to Guildies.

  • Pugs cannot win BOEs, Keys (Sapphiron Eye), or Legendary Shards (Ulduar and ICC).

  • Loot priority is:

    • 1) BIS main spec rolls (Guild and Pug)

      • Your BIS is determined by Wowhead.com Phase 1 BIS list. You must speak up if an item if your BIS, otherwise anyone with a mainspec upgrade will win it. We will be checking.

    • 2) Main spec rolls (Guild and Pug) AND GOS Rolls (This is our guild off specs who use their off spec for the benefit of guild raids).

    • 3) Guild off spec rolls

    • 4) Pug off spec rolls

    • 5) Disenchant

  • IF a Pug wins the roll based on the priority above, you will win the item. If a Guildy wins, we will use our DKP system to determine who gets the item.