Current Raid Prep Requirements

This page will be updated as the guild progresses and requirements change. These requirements are current as of Ulduar Launch / Phase 2 / Tier 8.

Please bring the following to 25 man raids.

  1. Fully repaired gear (average item level at current or previous raid tier).

  2. Any reagents necessary for your class skills (e.g. Ankh for Shamans, Seeds for Druid, Candles for Priest, etc.).

  3. 4 flasks appropriate for your class or spec. Voidpants can craft these for mats if needed.

Please also try to:

  • Get a weapon enchant if it's feasible/not too expensive (whisper Rywogadog for this).

  • Get the head & shoulder enchant for your class (at least the low version) from reputation.

  • Meta gem + requirements to activate it.

In general, we will plan to provide a Fish Feast for the guild using guild bank funds. However, when we start requiring buff food, you will need to provide your own buff food if your optimal buff food is different from Fish Feast. All raiders will be expected to bring their own non-feast consumables, as listed above.