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Losing DKP

Guaranteed Raiders, Alternates, and the Bench System

At raid start time (8:00 pm CST, 6:00 pm server time), the raid will be filled with Guaranteed Raiders. If we have any open slots, Alternates will be invited based on role in order to fill the needed raid composition, which is typically:

The following will be considered when inviting Alternates to the raid:

Bench System

Alternates are expected to save their raid lockout until the the second night of raid invites have gone out. Generally, this means that you cannot pug until ~8cst/6pst on the second night of raiding. In general, this is honor system. If a spot needs to be filled in the guild 25-man and an Alternate is not available because they are saved to another lockout, they may lose raid eligibility going forward. If you claim that you are not locked to Ulduar in order to obtain bench DKP and it is discovered that you are locked to Ulduar, you will lose all of your DKP. If it happens twice, you will be removed from the guild. This is an honesty issue. If you are saved, that is fine. Just don't try to claim bench DKP as an alternate that week.

Alternates who are online at raid time and appropriately geared for the current content and DO NOT receive an invitation to the raid (aka benched players) will be awarded normal boss kill DKP.

The formula for awarding bench DKP is: bosses in the raid * 5 / nights raiding that raid.

In the event that a 2-night raid is cleared in single night, Alternates will receive the expected DKP for night 2 at the end of night 1.

Bench DKP Example:

How to move from Alternate to Guaranteed Raider:

Minimum requirement: 2 weeks of perfect on-time attendance. (Exception: if there is an immediate need for raid composition, an Alternate may be promoted to guaranteed raider without meeting the 2 week minimum.)

After meeting the minimum requirement, if there is an open spot available in the roster, you will be promoted to Guaranteed Raider.

Also taken into consideration:

If there are multiple eligible Alternates and it's a relative tie, we will cycle in someone who has NOT had a guaranteed spot before, for fairness.

How to move from Guaranteed Raider to Alternate:

Additional rules: