DKP System / Loot Rules

Acquiring DKP

  • DKP will be awarded to the entire raid at a rate 5 per boss kill and 5 per hour raiding. Additional DKP will be awarded at the discretion of the raid leader for exceptional performance.

  • First time boss kills (progression) will award double DKP (10)

  • Bonus DKP of half the boss DKP (rounded down) will be awarded for anyone who plays an alt for a specific boss when it is needed for the raid (i.e. if we don't have 2 priests for Instructor Razuvious in 25-man Naxx, you will get 2 bonus DKP for bringing your priest alt to help out, or 5 for first kill). This bonus is to compensate them for the fact that they will almost certainly not get loot for that boss, as alts are considered only offspec.

  • DKP will be subtracted by 10% (rounded up) at the end of each week on reset (Monday Night/Tuesday before raid). This is to encourage spending on upgrades and discourage stockpiling for one specific item. This benefits the guild because gear is distributed more evenly.

  • DKP will only be awarded for 25man raiding. 10man raiding is purely optional and for fun/teambuilding.

  • These values are subject to change, but we will take steps to make sure that any change is done so fairly for everyone and not to specifically benefit one person or group of people.

Spending DKP

  • Bidding on items will begin at 1 DKP, with no maximum. There can be no tie. Each successive bid must be at least 1 higher than the first. For example, if you have 150 max DKP and bid 150 DKP, and the other person bidding has a max of 150 DKP, you will win the item, because they cannot bid 151.

  • BIS weapons start with a minimum bid of 20 DKP. BIS tier gear and Trinkets start with a minimum bid of 10 DKP. Non-tier BIS armor starts with a minimum of 5 DKP. Offhands and shields count as armor for this purpose. As above these values are subject to change but any change will be done so fairly.

  • Minimum bid amounts will never prevent someone from acquiring an item that no one else needs. For example, if you have 7 DKP and your BIS weapon drops that no one else needs for their mainspec, you can still get the item. You will just have -13 dkp. This is the only situation where DKP can go into negatives.

  • Minimum bids for BIS only apply to mainspec bids. All offspec bids are minimum 1.

Loot rules

  • Bid order

    1. BIS Mainspec Bids - We will have a running list of BIS items per boss at If you are claiming an item as your BIS, you must affirmatively assert it to have priority over non-BIS bids.

    2. Mainspec Bids

    3. Guild Offspec bids - This means anyone who actively uses an offspec for the benefit of the guild. This includes people who use their offspec role as needed for 25man AND people who play different roles in guild 10mans. Note: this is not "everyone who has an offspec that wouldn't mind playing it in a raid." This is people who actively play other specs. This will be determined by the raid leader and kept current on GOS.

    4. Other offspec bids OR Alt bids (any spec). This includes pvp specs.

    5. **Please also note that weapons will go to classes that use that weapon as their main weapon first. E.g. Hunters will get bows and guns before Rogues. Feral Druids will get agility staves and polearms before hunters. However, BIS priority still applies. In this case it will be: BIS Main Weapon Mainspec > BIS Secondary Weapon Mainspec > Main Weapon Mainspec > Secondary Weapon Mainspec > Main Weapon Guild Offspec > Secondary Weapon Guild Offspec > Main Weapon Offspec > Secondary Weapon Offspec.

  • BOEs

    • Pugs will not be allowed to win BoEs ever. They will be informed that BoEs are reserved at the beginning of the raid and the raid leader will loot all BOEs to themself, to be distributed post-raid to guildies/gbank.

    • For the first month of a raid tier, BoEs will be biddable for DKP for mainspec BIS only. Otherwise, they will be sold for guild bank consumable funds. This is because items are heavily inflated for the first month and having that extra gold for consumables will greatly benefit the whole guild, but we still don't want to sell BIS items.

    • After the first month, BoEs will go Mainspec BIS > Mainspec non-BIS > Guild offspec > bank gold. We will not give BOEs to offspecs that aren't used by the guild during raids because that does not benefit the guild as a whole, while gbank money does.

    • Guildies will not personally profit via gold from selling BoEs. Anyone who wins a BoE must immediately equip it. Officers will inspect. Anyone who doesn't equip a BoE won will lose ALL DKP and possibly be kicked from the raid or the guild.

    • Guild bank funds will be used exclusively for raid consumables and guild repairs during raids.

    • Guildies will never have to pay gold for gear.

  • Keys

    • Keys (e.g. EoE key) will be looted to raid leaders first. Currently that is Austin > Brennan for 25m.

    • Raid leaders will pay the minimum DKP bid for BIS armor when given a key, regardless if is their BIS.

    • After those first 3 reserved keys, they will be DKP bidded by everyone who wants it.

    • If no one wants it for DKP, we will /roll everyone who doesn't have a key.

    • If the key necklace is someone's BIS, it will be subject to the same BIS priority (after raid leaders get a copy).

  • Non-Gear Loot - Bags, mounts, etc

    • Raid leader will screenshot their raid UI, announce their own number to discord (i.e. "I'm number 4"), and then /roll 25. Winner will win the item.

      1. This roll system is to prevent fraud. There have been instances where people sneak in a second roll and ninja mounts because the raid leader doesn't catch it until after it's been masterlooted. Also, this helps things go faster.

    • You cannot win mounts for alts.

    • You cannot win 2 bags before everyone else gets one.

    • Pugs are fully able to win these items unless stated otherwise at the beginning of the raid.

  • Legendary shards (Val'anyr, Shadowmourne)

    • Legendary shards will be reserved, and that will be made clear to pugs.

    • ONE person will get all legendary shards until the legendary is crafted.

      1. This selection will be made by officers based on combination factors of performance, attendance, attitude, and veteran status, with a mind towards "what is best for the overall guild performance."

      2. We expect all raiders to be mature about this process.

      3. If we are blessed enough to be able to craft multiple, that second person will be selected in a similar fashion.

    • While shards will not cost DKP, the recipient of legendary shards will be required to pass on DKP bids for BIS weapons to their peers (mainspec) who won't have the legendary shards.

      1. This means if you are the healer who is getting Val'anyr shards during Ulduar, you will likely be the 5th healer to loot a BIS mainhand weapon.

      2. The recipient of legendary shards must agree to this before being looted the first shard. Non-BIS weapons are not affected by this rule, as anyone will replace them.

  • Pugs

    • When we have pugs in the raid, they will have to win a /roll to get an item. When the item is rolled, ANY guildy who needs it as an upgrade for Mainspec or Guild Offspec will also /roll.

    • If the pug wins the /roll, they get the item. If ANY guildy wins the /roll, normal DKP rules will apply for bidding of the item

    • Pugs will not be permitted to win items that are someone else's BIS unless it is also BIS for the Pug's class. Same rules with main weapon apply as well.

    • Pugs will not be permitted to win items for their offspec unless no one in the guild needs the item for any spec. That makes the priority: Main Spec BIS > Main Spec > Guild Offspec > Any Offspec (Guildies only) > Any Offspec (Pugs)

    • Pugs will never get BoEs or Legendary shards.

Losing DKP

  1. Wasted time

    • Any time a raid member makes the raid wait on them, they will lose 1 dkp per minute the raid is spent waiting. Breaks will obviously be given throughout the raid (typically every hour) and can be requested as well. Examples of time wasting include:

      • Needing to hearthstone to acquire enchantments or consumables

        • Note - if you get a new piece of gear that drops from the raid, feel free to enchant it during the next regularly-scheduled break, just let the raid leader know. If you're a tiny bit late getting back from the time it takes you to go pee, hearth, buy an enchantment for a new piece, and get summoned, that will not result in a penalty. But do NOT hearth and enchant your gear immediately after the boss kill. This will result in penalties as it wastes raid time.

      • Going to the door to get doordash or pizza

      • Being tardy for raid

    • You are on time if you are either inside the instance at pull time OR in the group (not afk) 5 minutes before. If you are in the group 5 minutes before but are waiting on a summon, that will not count as tardy.

    • Exceptions:

      • Tardiness will not result in penalty if the raid leader is informed at least 30 minutes before pull time of any lateness

      • Hunters are only required to fill one 28-slot quiver/ammo bag with ammunition. If additional is required, they will not be penalized.

      • Raiders are only required to being the enchantments/consumables listed on and are only required to bring enough consumables for 4 hours of raiding. Any addition consumables needed will not result in dkp penalty.

      • Unexpected need for bathroom breaks, emergencies, and other things you can't control like children, pets, random people showing up at your house, etc will not result in penalty.

  2. Performance issues/issues with killing bosses will not result in DKP loss as long as everyone is trying their best. With that said, refusal to try your best during raid time may result in dkp loss at the raid leader's discretion. Warnings will be given.

  3. Behavioral/attitude issues may result in dkp loss at the raid leader's discretion. Don't be an asshole. Warnings will be given.

Additional rules:

  • All DKP bidding must be done on an individualized basis. No winning an item for someone else.

  • No bullying people or favoritism with bids. Feel free to be aggressive with bidding up competition, but do not target it at one person because of personal animus. Be aggressive all you want but do it to everyone equally. This is a difficult line to tread and will be enforced via the raid leader's judgment (with warnings given). Just be kind to your friends and have fun with DKP.

  • You can only up-bid someone else if the item in question is actually an upgrade and you want to win it and use it.