The History and Origins of Ohana (and a bit about us)

League of Legends

The origins of Ohana began with the 5 members of a League of Legends 5s team: Austin, Brennan, Geralyn, Jack, and Wayne. Our team was originally named "The Muffin Men and Women" but we decided we wanted to change it to something less embarrassing, so we decided on "Ohana", which was a common joke we used whenever we all cluster-piled ourselves and died together rather than doing the smarter decision of letting one member of the team die. We claimed "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind; or forgotten." The 5 of us then decided to try playing WOTLK WoW on a private server together

Molten-WoW (WotLK Private Server)

The Guild Ohana began in the Molten-WoW Ragnaros server (WOTLK private server.) We considered ourselves to be a progressive guild who played the game content as it was made to be, as opposed to the majority of the Molten community who rushed/bought high level gear and just raided ICC constantly. We used the gear that was meant for the lower raids and played through the content systematically.

In Molten, we managed to down Naxxramas 10man without very many problems. We cleared it around our second week of raiding. As we were attempting to gear up for Ulduar, the Molten-WoW servers were hacked and all of the character information was wiped.

Some of our members recovered and rebuilt their characters but many of our members were not able to or unwilling to participate in a server with such seeming lack of caring for their players.

Dalaran-WoW (WotLK Private Server)

After discovering Dalaran-WoW, we made a switch to the Algalon server, their progressive server, because it fit in line with how we wanted our WoW gaming experience to be.

Ohana prides itself on being a welcoming and close-knit guild. We play many games together and spend most of our time, even while not gaming, on Mumble talking to each other. We frequently text each other and talk about our real lives and play together as much as possible. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind; or forgotten.

The Ohana guild ended up being one of the most successful guilds in the Dalaran raiding scene. At our peak, and for the most part until our disbandment, we were heralded as the "Top NA Alliance Guild", a title we worked very hard to earn. Ohana was very well known for their successful, fun and positive raids. It turned out that ultimately we were unable to continue trying to stay afloat in a server that was honestly dying, especially on the Alliance side.


Ohana joined WoD very late in the expansion and, as a result, did not get much done and did not have a complete raiding roster at any point in time. With that said, most Ohana members still cleared up to Heroic Archimonde and we led multiple successful Heroic Archimonde PUGs.


Ohana played actively through the beginning of legion. After Nighthold was released, the guild slowly faded out. Ohana no longer plays wow due to disagreements with Blizzard on the way the game should play. Some of us have recently re-subbed and we are planning on continuing to play as BFA is coming out.