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Behavioral Rules: Be positive, competent, agreeable

1. Positivity
  • All Ohana members are required to represent a positive attitude throughout all raiding and other guild activities.
  • Any and all negative statements regarding guild raiding should be shared privately with the raid leader and/or GM post-raid.
2. Competence
  • ​During raids, Ohana members are expected to put forth a good faith effort to perform at their best level.
  • This includes paying attention, listening and BEING ON TIME FOR RAIDS.
3. Agreeableness
  • During raids, Ohana members are expected to obey the calls of the raid leader.
  • All members are free to bring up any concerns and/or criticisms with raid leaders privately, after the raid.
  • We understand that our raid leaders are not perfect but this is a policy decision to allow us to operate raids more effectively. Having raid leaders undermined causes confusion and breaks the chain of authority. Our raid leaders are very conscious and willing to delegate and ask for help when they feel like their current plan is not working well and egos among raid leaders are not tolerated.