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Raid Prep Rules

1. Consumables
  • All raiders are expected to bring all (best in slot) consumables that are needed by their spec to every raid. They do not need to be USED for every boss, but MUST be used any time the Raid Leader requests them be used.
2. Knowledge/Skill
  • All raiders must know how to proficiently play their spec.
  • Additionally, all raiders need to have at least a base theory-craft knowledge to answer the following questions:
    • What is your stat priority, does this change based on different circumstances?
    • What are your best in slot items?
    • What are the best talents to use for each boss of the current raid tier?

** Please always feel free to ask for any help or advice you need to help meet the above requirements. Players are not expected to be able to do everything without needing help but are expected to get help and get it done.